Can't get to the bold, italic buttons if too close to the top

Here we see the unfortunate user on his cramped cell phone is at the unlucky top few lines of his brilliant essay. Therefore when he highlights some text, the helpful Android Cut Copy Paste bar hides the very important italic and bold buttons so he’ll just have to enter the markdown code by himself, manually. Just one more pitfall of the cramped 3 or 4 line entry area.

@jidanni, could I ask you to include the device, browser, screen size, and any tweaks you’ve made to your display (eg. zoom, text size, etc) in each of your ux topics just so we can get a sense of how to replicate your screenshots?

It’s been mentioned before


Thank you. :slight_smile: I shall close this one off in favour of the previous. :+1:

Previously reported in Composer button bar suggestions