Can't restore to new site: "first_unread_topic_for" already exists with same argument types

I’m trying to restore a backup to a new site. It’s failed with this error:

[2017-05-25 21:35:33] EXCEPTION: An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

PG::DuplicateFunction: ERROR:  function "first_unread_topic_for" already exists with same argument types
:     CREATE FUNCTION first_unread_topic_for(user_id int)
    RETURNS timestamp AS
    SELECT COALESCE(first_topic_unread_at, 'epoch'::timestamp)
    FROM users u
    JOIN user_stats ON user_id =
    WHERE = $1
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Is this a new change from you @sam?

Looks like it. It’s in this commit.

Its a backup quirk, we don’t move the function out of the schema.

Fixed per: