Cant update email via API - invalid_access error

(shahid) #1

Hi Guys,

Im getting an error when trying to use the API to update email.
I have looked at the logs and can see the following:

Started PUT “/discussion/users/davetest/preferences/email.json” for xx.xx.xx.xx at 2018-05-11 12:22:11 +0000

Processing by UsersEmailController#update as JSON

Parameters: {“api_key”=>;"[FILTERED]", “api_username”=>;“daveAdmin”, “email”=>;“[](”, “username”=>;“davetest”}

Can’t verify CSRF token authenticity.

This is a PUT request, but looking at the scopes below, doesnt seem like PUT is supported for the WRITE scope? surely im misunderstanding, so could someone please assist?

I have re-generated the all-user api-key, also created specific user api-keys to use, but same result.

read: [:get],
write: [:get, :post, :patch],
message_bus: [[:post, ‘message_bus’]],
push: nil,
notifications: [[:post, ‘message_bus’], [:get, ‘notifications#index’], [:put, ‘notifications#mark_read’]],
session_info: [[:get, ‘session#current’], [:get, ‘users#topic_tracking_state’]]

(Blake Erickson) #2

Can you verify the content-type that you are making the API request as? It needs to be

"Content-Type: multipart/form-data;"

If it is not that content type you may see the CSRF token error.

(shahid) #3

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I actually had tried it both with ‘application/json’ and ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ and neither worked. I have now tried it with what you suggested (via postman) and getting:

“You are not permitted to view the requested resource. The API username or key is invalid.”

I have regenerated the global api key that is used for “all users” and using it with my own username, which is an admin too…


(Blake Erickson) #4

Here is an example of my postman request maybe you can spot any differences with what you are doing? I’m also using the “all users” key with an admin username.

(shahid) #5

yes, its the same, im using the Postman API collection supplied by discourse. So using it as suggested. I will try again tonight and see if i get any different results. Will update when ive tried. Thanks for assisting, much appreciated. Do let me know if you have any other idea.