Category doesn’t open to show topic list

Hi, after our forum migration we have started to make some adjustments on our categories. One of them had some icon in the name (a simple html img code), we have tried to edit it, but somehow, after saving the changes, it became impossible to actually get into the category and see the topic list (it hangs somehow never displaying the topic list).

Is there a workaround this? Through rails or something else? (I can put the URL if necessary)

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If your site is public, a link to your site would definitely help. I’m not quite following the issue…


Here: Categorias - FórumSCP

(If you scroll all the way down… as subcategory of “Arquivo” ): Jogos Olímpicos 2016

Here’s a screenshot:

Try clicking on that category and you’ll get it.

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Gotcha, thanks. I think I know the issue, let me check with engineering.

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Hey fellow Lusófono,

To have support for “special characters” on slugs you need to set the setting slug_generation_method to encoded.


Ora viva Rafael!

That was just perfect, you saved our day! :wink:


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