Category icons are suddenly HUGE (broken?)


starting from a few hours ago, the category Icons in the front page of our user community forum appear HUGE therefore pixilated and It doesn’t seem re-uploading the icons do anything to change it.
We didn’t change any settings so it’s all very surprising to us.

Can anyone help us fix this issue?


I imagine you have just upgraded your site. There are a lot of topics related to this argument, you can read here Shrunken Category Images

You can solve your problem with a simple fix, just change 200px with the value that fit your needs

.category-list .category-logo.aspect-image {
    max-width: 200px; /*change this value*/ 

Hi @Dax Thanks for your help. But Can you explain where I can use this code? I’m completely ignorant about this. by the way I didn’t upgrade the page, unless it’s automatically done…!!! Thanks!:grinning:

@Dax I figured it out! Many thanks I’m very glad :slight_smile: