Category-level ICS/GCal link

I can see that a single event has an “Add to Calendar” button, but I cannot see that for the whole calendar. As an example, I’ll take a screenshot from the Pavillion plugin on another forum:

PR #169: Adds .ics endpoints for calendars, topics and posts by xfalcox · Pull Request #169 · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub has been lingering for two years! Adding ICAL support for the Discourse calendar is a must! What is preventing this from being merged?


Since it came up in a discussion and for the forum I am working on:

Would contributing caldav support be out of scope (not committing to this yet but asking if it would be accepted if I find time to commit doing it) for the plugin? It’s quite a big spec with a few yet to clear up behavior like what happens if there is an event created using that API in discourse side of things.

Other than that I assume webcal/ical would be small enough to be an alternative right?