Category select box has inconsistent behaviour when Uncategorized is the default category

The category select box is showing an inconsistent behaviour if Uncategorized is the default category. It will set the value of the text to “Uncategorized”, but the option itself won’t be offered as an option until another category is selected.

This means that users can’t see the “Uncategorized” description at first. This description is useful to know what content is expected in the category, especially when customized.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the composer for a new topic.
    “Uncategorized” is selected by default.

  2. Open the selector
    Despite being selected, the option isn’t included in the select box.

  3. Select another category
    Select box will now properly show “Uncategorized” as an option.

  4. Select Uncategorized
    It will now show correctly inside the selector “box” (even when closed), with the category color and style.

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