Change from chosen js to select2 js

(nXqd) #1

Beside some advantages being discussed here :

But this maybe already out of date. The reason I want to change to select2 because we don’t need to type a “correct” string at the beginning to match options, select2 matches the text options partially.

If you are ok with this, I will create a pull request on this.

Try select2 here : Select2 has moved!

"Chosen" update for RTL support
(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

Great suggestion. I especially love the multi-item-selection and amazing templating it offers. Would love to see Select2 get used instead of our own (rather bad fixes on) autocomplete for User/Group-Selection.

@sam would you accept a PR for this?

(Robin Ward) #3

I would happily accept a PR for this if it doesn’t break anything.

I know we use some custom templates for our select boxes. We’d need to make sure they are all working after the swap. I think the most complex select choices are for categories right now.

(nXqd) #4

@eviltrout it would be nice that you can check this one for me :smiley:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I believe this is now complete @eviltrout @nXqd?

(Robin Ward) #6

Yup it’s all merged!

(Robin Ward) #7