Change latest-poster to original-poster or posters in "Latest" category

Hi all,

Is it possible to remove the profile picture from the “Latest” Section, or to make that profile pic the picture of the orginal poster?


I usually reply to topics pretty fast, but now that whole list has only my profile picture. Thus it looks like I am the only user of the forum…

EDIT: it seems that what I want to change in the UX is instead of the latest-poster it should display all posters or the original poster. Removing the poster is easy enough and solved below

Should be able to do with some UX changes. I dunno about specifically how though…

Ideally, I could change it from


(though with much less whitespace of course)

Trying to figure out how to do this with UX changes, but am new to this. So if someone could help me a bit, that would be great!

I managed to remove the avatar by adding

.latest-topic-list-item {
    .topic-poster { 
        visibility: hidden;
        width: 0em;

Will update if I manage to get it the same as on the Latest-page

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Just a suggestion:

display: none;

should do it without having to change the size.