Change "There are no latest topics. That's sad." to a less depressing message

I think there are two scenarios and they need different messages:

  1. latest tab is empty (I think @justin suggestion of “You’re all caught up! Ready to [start a new conversation]?” is a good one here.

  2. New category is empty (or site is brand new, etc). This one needs more of an exhortation to create some topics so people have something to talk about, and real actual topic examples of what the category is for (other than the category description)


How would scenario 1 happen:

out of scenario 2 cases ? (EDIT: Oh, maybe by selecting TAGS !?)

There also is the “show tracked or watched topics” talked about above, but is “you’re all caught up…” the right message for this case ? (scenario 3 ?)


I put together a PR for this. The message is

You’re all caught up! Ready to start a new conversation?