Sentence At the Bottom of Topic Page

I’m not complaining or want this to be changed. I just want to post this, so that if it is actually the case, then it might be useful.

It seems like when there are new or unread posts/threads, there is displayed a different sentence at the bottom of the thread page. In those situations, it is displayed similar to this:
So this can be useful if your Notification settings are set up in a certain way (all new posts tracked). However, with most Notification settings, you still have to go between the Unread and New pages to read them all—and most importantly, from this, you can’t access new untracked posts in all categories.

If all the unread posts and new threads have been read, this is displayed:
Of which it is possible to go to the Latest page to see all new untracked posts.


  • When there are new threads or unread tracked posts, the sentence doesn’t work well for untracked posts.
  • It works okay if new posts aren’t automatically tracked, but you can’t disable notifications for new threads, so the first issue comes back in this case.
  • If all new posts are tracked, then you are left with always being forced to use the Unread and New pages, since you can only access the Latest page when everything has been read.

Again, I’m not complaining or asking to change this. I’m only pointing it out. Feel free to use this as you see fit.

Solution: Always have the ‘or view latest topics’ part.

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The sentence structure can do with some improvement.

I am not sure exactly what but perhaps

2 unread topics left, or browse other topics in Discussion.

Trouble is that “topics” is twice in that sentence.

There is also an alignment issue on the category badge we should fix @awesomerobot cause it is off enough just to look really bad

That though is a bit of a stretch, you would just click the logo to go to latest, no?

This might work:

There are 2 unread posts and 2 new topics remaining, or browse [category]

And when there are no unread posts/new topics (first one has no changes):

Want to read more? Browse [category] or view latest topics.


All new posts and topics read. Browse [category] or view latest topics.

Yes, this works. However, for users with medium to large monitors, it’s inefficient. I have a 27-inch monitor, which is quite common, and the distance from the bottom of the thread to the logo is about 11 inches. For a basic or rarely used function, it wouldn’t be an issue, but since returning to the home page is the most important and used function, doing this 30+ times a day feels highly inefficient.

The “or view latest topics” is already in the sentence when there are unread posts or new topics, why not add it to the sentence when all the tracked posts/new topics have been read as well?

Such as this for both sentences:

There are 2 unread posts remaining, browse [category], or view latest topics.

Want to read more? Browse [category] or view latest topics.

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I like some of your copy recommendations I wonder how @codinghorror feels about it.

Understood, have you checked out our keyboard shortcuts? try hitting ? . gl is super duper fast.

I am a bit confused, we already say:

Want to read more? Browse other topics in ux or view latest topics.

Adding an unconditional link to “latest” I am not 100% sure about it, no sure how Jeff feels about it. I don’t think it would harm stuff but it may be getting a bit too long.

It works, but I mostly only use the mouse when not using the keyboard (and vice versa), such as when reading through a topic, so using the logo is actually better.

(I’m assuming the following is what you are referring to.)

There are two sentences with different possibilites (when there are unread post or new topics and when there are no more unread posts or new topics). So, the 4 possibilities are the following:

First sentence possibilities

There are 1 unread posts remaining, or browse [category]
There are 2 new topics remaining, or browse [category]
There are 1 unread posts and 2 new topics remaining, or browse [category]

Second sentence possibility

Want to read more? Browse [category] or view latest topics.

The second sentence works out well with the “view latest topics”, but it isn’t in the first sentence. This causes a number of issues I wrote about in the OP (mostly of only having access to the Unread and New pages in the sentence, and not the Latest page, which is the most useful).

It would be awesome to also have “view latest topics” in the first sentence as well, making going back to the home page when finishing a thread a lot smoother and faster (especially for users with larger monitors).

Something like:

There are 1 unread posts and 2 new topics, browse [category], or view latest topics.

In total, I’ve spent about 3 hours writing about this in this thread and with Jeff in another thread (suggesting a button) and by PM. I don’t know what more to say, and I’m also probably appearing overly persistent.

I’m just saying that as a Discourse user, and someone who uses a medium/large monitor, always clicking the logo at the top of the screen (the bookmark I use is half an inch above it) when at the end of a thread feels inefficient—and especially when you do this 30+ times per day—when it could simply be at the bottom of the thread.

If you decide to not add “view latest topics” in the other sentence, that’s fine. There are still the issues mentioned in the OP, but I’ve presented them. I can’t spend more time (it is also being overly persistent), so I’ll just use the logo instead.

Kind regards.

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I’m not really following the logic, where my eyes are looking is rarely where my mouse is. I’m not questioning that is how it is for you, only that it doesn’t mean everyone has the same habits.

Maybe a user selected dockable nav bar would be a solution?

It depends on the size of the monitor, mostly—or resolution, such as 2K or 4K (1080p will be gone in a few years).

Keep in mind though, on your instance you can override the translation. You can override any translation.

What we are talking about here is a change for every Discourse instance out there. That is a big ask, so we have to be convinced.

Please please avoid that, we keep our PM channels dedicated for emergencies and such, these kind of changes need to be discussed in the open.


Okay, understood. Thanks for mentioning this.

I’m not only discussing this for myself, but because this would be useful for everyone. Having a home button (to the left of the Reply button, for example) at the end of every thread, instead of having to click the logo at the top of the screen every time, would make things so much more fluid, especially for users with large monitors and 2K or 4K resolutions.

Anyway, I’m continuing, so I’ll keep it at that.



It’s OK, he had a question about a topic closure, so 100% OK :ok_hand: to PM in that scenario.


This was my initial proposition to improve navigation back to topics. The return to home action is used maybe 20-40 times a day, and having a much closer home button would make navigating much more efficient. It would also mean having a labeled home button (some users might not know at first that the logo is used as the home button), since there is none at the moment.

This is also even more the case as you increase both screen size and resolution. The above screenshot shows how a 27-inch monitor at 2K is like.

I don’t think I will be returning. Feel free to discuss or use the idea how you think is best.

Kind regards.

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You could add such an element in a local browser customization.

Maybe this?