Changes to pinned topics?

I’ll admit that this recent update has me at quite a loss. Is there any way to pin topics without an expiration? These changes kinda came out of nowhere, wasn’t really expecting any tweaks to pinning since it seemed perfectly fine. Adding expiration dates is great, but not really beneficial for the way my forum utilizes pinned topics (mostly as resource and documentation directories).

I also can’t seem to get the pin button functionality to work using Firefox.

Apparently this is how it’s supposed to work (pictures from Chrome).

The calendar isn’t appearing at all.


Hmm @zogstrip can you take a look at Firefox here?

If you need “forever” then put in a date a decade in the future. We wanted to add some friction here since we have seen a lot of pin abuse. And most pins should expire…

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Pinned wikiposts are the greatest, though. Our community isn’t exactly the most conventional, however, so I understand the broader rationale behind these changes. No big deal if I have to use the “expires in 2025” solution, it just kinda caught me by surprise.

I run a small community for hobbyist game modders (specializing in tinkering with Nintendo’s strategy RPG series, Fire Emblem). The overall communal goal is to collect, develop, and share documentation/resources to help other modders. Discourse has helped foster a productive atmosphere, and that’s why it’s been so perfect for what we hope to achieve. Pinned wikiposts have been one of the best community organizing tools I’ve seen as far as forum software goes. It’s been great to see people stumble across our forum, and start contributing to resource directories because they wanted to give back after finding something of value.

I just wanted to highlight that there are definitely circumstances in which “forever” pins bring value to the community, but you’re right that they should be applied sparingly.


Also seeing what @jakedwhitaker is seeing, but in Safari ( 8.0.7 Mac). Similarly works fine in Chrome.




Thanks you both @jakedwhitaker and @jesselperry for reporting this issue. I just pushed a fix using the Pikaday component instead of relying on the browser :dromedary_camel: