Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)

I just installed this plugin in our just-upgraded self-hosted Discourse, and all configuration options land inside a strange new Settings category called [en_US.admin.site_settings.categories.chat_integration]:

This looks unintended, and there was no issue tracker on GitHub, so I’m reporting it here. :slight_smile: Thanks for making this plugin!

Have you tried refreshing your browser since installing the plugin?

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Ah, indeed that fixed it. Thanks for the tip! :+1:


How to fix this user tag in Telegram? Most of the time username of members in telegram and forum are entirely different!! Most of the time, these tag in telegram points to someone else! It seems like a bug!!

In the below img syntax_error is the username of a member in discourse. She has another username in telegram. If you click on the @syntax_error tag as in the image, it will take you to a somewhere else.

Hey guys! Any solution for the above problem??

Where do rules exist on the file system? I would like to backup my rules. Is there a configuration file where these live?

Could you prevent sending notifications from unlisted topics?

Simplest thing to do if you wish to do that is simply to move the topic to a category only moderators can see.

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I’ve encountered a problem where I can’t test the plugin, it shows a spinner that does not end:

Looking around on here and this looks like an awesome plugin, thanks for working on it!

I haven’t seen any mention of GroupMe as a potential provider and was curious if there was an obvious reason I was overlooking or some technical limitations with their API that made it less reasonable than some of the out of the box chat providers currently included? Also open to the possibility that its just not as popular as I thought lol


I did a quick search and it looks like GroupMe do have an API for sending messages to a channel. If someone wanted to make a pull request to add GroupMe support to this plugin, that would be welcome :slight_smile:


Hi, I’d like to see a Slack SSO option added to chat integration, especially since this is an option with other integrations such as Twitter, Google, etc. See this info on adding Slack SSO, which is supported on their end.

Here we are, not perfect but the basics are in there for now!


Thanks for the wonderful introduction - I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to watch a sub-category? E.g. does /discourse watch category/subcategory exist? It seems that the plugin can only follow top-level categories.

  2. I’m also interested in knowing: What happens if a Topic is moved to a new category or has a watched tag added to it? I have just tried the latter, and it didn’t trigger a message on Slack.

Is there any way to set up a channel to share posts that are in the uncategorized Category? I don’t see it coming up but not sure if that’s intentional or if I’m just missing it.


As a followup to my previous post, we have /discourse watch foobar switched on. The post being replied to generated a message in Slack, but the reply below it still hasn’t generated a message after 23h.

  • While the documentation for watch says “notify this channel for new topics and new replies”, are replies to topic replies ignored or is this a bug?

Hi, I see it is only possible to setup a outgoing webhook to, but is there a reason the chat-integration does not allow an incoming webhook as well?

Is there any way to add keyword based rules, i.e. integration will only trigger if a Discourse post contains certain keywords (preferably regex)?

Is someone working on Microsoft Teams service integration for this?

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Very good question. Teams is getting really popular and many companies prefer it to Slack.