Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)

I just installed this plugin in our just-upgraded self-hosted Discourse, and all configuration options land inside a strange new Settings category called [en_US.admin.site_settings.categories.chat_integration]:

This looks unintended, and there was no issue tracker on GitHub, so Iā€™m reporting it here. :slight_smile: Thanks for making this plugin!

Have you tried refreshing your browser since installing the plugin?

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Ah, indeed that fixed it. Thanks for the tip! :+1:


How to fix this user tag in Telegram? Most of the time username of members in telegram and forum are entirely different!! Most of the time, these tag in telegram points to someone else! It seems like a bug!!

In the below img syntax_error is the username of a member in discourse. She has another username in telegram. If you click on the @syntax_error tag as in the image, it will take you to a somewhere else.

Hey guys! Any solution for the above problem??