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Hi everyone.

I have noticed a bug on Safari, I am not sure yet if it is the case on windows and other browsers.

Some checkboxes looks weird on the dashboard, and links are not displaying very well ( break the text ).

Settings in admin dashboard

Links in User Fields on signup

Is anyone else having the same issue ?

I’ve notice it after updating the last version of Discourse.



I am also seeing this on Safari. It seems like the description texts starts to push into the checkbox as soon as the description text wraps. As more text is added, the description will continue to shift left.

Notice the single line checkboxes seem fine, but the ones where the description wraps, the text moves to the left:

(Kris) #4

Two separate issues:

Checkboxes in safari fixed by Prevent adming setting input from being too small in Safari · discourse/discourse@fc4a6ca · GitHub

User fields at signup fixed by label needs a span to contain nested HTML in description · discourse/discourse@eeffac3 · GitHub

(Gerhard Schlager) #5

The checkboxes in User Preferences -> Email look weird too.

Seen on my iPad, iOS 12.

(Kris) #6

:+1: Fixed there now too

(Carlo) #7

Hi @awesomerobot , thank you for fixing this!

There is still a small issue with safari exclusively.

On Links in User Fields on signup the left border of each checkboxes is hidden:

Strange thing is, it works fine on Chrome, Firefox and Opera.I wasn’t able to try on Microsoft Edge.

(Kris) #8

Hmm, I’m not noticing that (Safari 12)… but I’ll investigate a little more


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