Cleaning up our color palette 🎨

Turns out someone has essentially already built what I was thinking of. This always assumes you want an acceptable level of contrast (by WCAG standards) — but should be adaptable to set different contrast levels for things like borders/inactive buttons, etc


Ok as long as it is adaptable, text readability contrast is a far cry from separator bars between posts, etc.

I was toying with this

but turns out someone else already nailed it

This scales contrast up to X minimum, but should be modifiable to keep it within a range (for when we want to bring in low-contrast borders and such)


Any news on this, I definitely want to clean stuff up internally for 1.9 but we are going to have to pick some sort of pattern to follow here.

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My past few weeks have been pretty hectic at home and at work, but I think they’re calming down a bit now. As a first step I can start this weekend with a general clean up/simplification as suggested by @codinghorror above. That should generally reduce any color work going forward. Let’s see where I get with that and I’ll give a status update Sunday night.


I just pushed to my fork for now if anyone’s curious — I cut things down to a dozen total dark-light-diff variables, e.g.:

$primary-low: dark-light-diff($primary, $secondary, 90%, -65%);
$primary-medium: dark-light-diff($primary, $secondary, 50%, -20%);

I need to do some more thorough testing on this to make sure I didn’t cut too much. There were over a dozen variants of dark-light-diff for $primary alone.

This also doesn’t yet encompass dark-light-choose.

So. many. colors. :rainbow:


I realise it’s very nitpicky, but since this PR was merged today, @mentions seem to have lost a lot of contrast. This makes them quite hard to read on some screens.




I just noticed the same thing, was trying to determine what changed.

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@awesomerobot :arrow_backward: can you take care of this :star_struck:


@david - thanks for nitpicking!


This style really really stands out, old one had a muted black, I find it a bit distracting.

I wonder if we should just go with the same color we use for users in the header there?

The base text color seemed like the simple go-to, but it definitely stands out more than it used to.

I have no qualms with using the user color instead.


Is further simplification planned here?

From a theme development perspective getting full control over the colours used in Discourse is still quite painful. To take the tertiary colour as an example, there’s still 30 instances of scale-color($tertiary, $lightness: N%).

I’d rather not override every one of those in my custom CSS, and my mad science experiment :man_scientist: overriding the scale-color function to output only a limited, palette defined, set of colours didn’t work.

The best situation from my end would be a complete replacement of the use of scale-color with, for example, $tertiary, $tertiary-low, $tertiary-very-low, etc. alongside the ability to override those variables from a theme.


I thought @awesomerobot made a serious pass on cleaning these up? Perhaps a few were missed?

I cleaned up dark-light-diff specifically as kind of the phase 1 here — dark-light-choose is used a lot, which has nested scale-color functions, as well one-off scale-color/lighten/darken functions used in various places. There are a good 3-5 different ways colors get defined and modified in our sass files.

@LeoMcA is right in assessing that we need to replace all color functions with a singular color system, it just requires going through every color definition and adjusting it to fit a consistent template (without breaking each definition across theme variations).

I can spend some more time on it these weekend and try to eliminate scale-color as a next step, I think that’s probably the next biggest color headache after those crazy long dark-light-diff functions that were being used.


Sounds good to me! Let’s do it!

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Still progressing on cleaning up scale-color this week; it’s just more widely used than I had thought.


Do you think we’re in a good place to close this now @awesomerobot?

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Yep, closing this one. Always room for additional improvement, but colors are much more consistently defined in variables.scss than they were.