Clicking an internal link with slug only and no topic ID should create a history entry

For example, if you click this link:

and then click Back in your browser, you get taken to the page you were at before this one.


We reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally should not be encouraging the construction of invalid links. So in my opinion, the bad behavior you’re seeing here is a kind of deserved punishment for constructing a badly-formed link :wink:


I hear that, the reason why it might be useful is for situations when you might want to keep the topic name/slug and link to it but cycle the actual topic.

e.g. megatopics - close/rename the old, open a new at the same slug, you don’t need to change things linking to it.[^1]

The case where I did this was sort of similar… but now can’t remember what exactly it was.

[^1]: I suppose the correct solution here is to use a permalink, but that requires admin access rather than using the naïve approach as I’ve done above


I read this post twice and I’m still not following why this would be useful / necessary?

Megatopics when split should have different titles, per The MEGATOPIC: public good, or public menace?


right and you would

that’s intended to be an “and”

of course, regardless of reason:

  • is it broken?
  • if so we should fix it

A user suggestion form to generate review items for permalinks, for admins to one click approve, under the /go/ namespace was part of the brainstorming in Feature interest survey: "go" permalinks.


If it is an easy fix, sure. If it is a hard fix… no.


This is no longer a problem since:

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