Clicktrack breaking links part 2

My first case was closed, but the issue not resolved I’m afraid.

It’s not just click tracking mail links.

Check this one out:

The links from this topic have the same issue.


Sorry which links are you referring to there?

I think he meant the links in the quote.

Hmm, weird. Will fix

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Please let me know if this is somehow impacted by my recent changes to click-track. I did a compare and I don’t think it is, but the timing has me questioning it.

I’m not even sure your changes are deployed to our customers yet. But will certainly follow up :wink:


Just pushed a fix. This was because we were trying to track links in quotes on the client but we weren’t tracking them on the server…

@cpradio it wasn’t due to

@Alex_Bamford this fix will be deployed to all our customers shortly :wink: