Cloudron missing plugin:pull_compatible_all

Is this where we’re supposed to report issues about this?

I’m trying to install this plugin but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I’m getting this error after restarting my instance of Discourse:

Unknown migration version "7.0"; expected one of "4.2", "5.0", "5.1", "5.2", "6.0", "6.1"

Anyone know what I should do to try and resolve this?

Update, it seems this issue was supposed to have been resolved back on 15 June 2022, but I’m hitting the exact same thing now :frowning:

I think a similar error was reported here:

I think they weren’t using a standard install which caused some compatibility issues. Could that be the case with your setup?

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Yeah, I’m running Discourse on Cloudron too.

But seemingly this issue wasn’t limited to Cloudron installs and was apparently resolved as per:

So wondering why we’re still hitting it on Cloudron and/ or how to investigate further?

Ah, I’m not sure I’ve understood this correctly, but I think perhaps because the fix hasn’t actually been merged into discourse-calendar?

My take from the other topic was that Cloudron is missing the compatibility file that would stop it from trying to update plugins that were ineligible?


Thanks, I’ll try to point the Cloudron devs over here to investigate…

Do you know where the “compatibility files” that is seemingly missing in Cloudron goes?
Could you link to an example of the file?
I’m sure they’ll add what’s needed once they know what that is! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

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This I’m afraid I do not know. :slight_smile: But I can split this off into its own support topic to get more eyes on it - it will get tagged as #unsupported, but someone may know more and add something. :+1:

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Just to add, this issue still exists with the Cloudron 7.3.2 and Cloudron Discourse version 2.8.11 :frowning:

Hey @jdaviescoates have you tried reaching our to cloudron that may be a better place to make them aware of your issues.


Here is an actual discourse compatibility file for the custom wizard plugin:

discourse-custom-wizard/.discourse-compatibility at main · paviliondev/discourse-custom-wizard · GitHub


Indeed I have Installing discourse-calendar | Cloudron Forum

Thanks, I’ll point the Cloudron devs at that, hopefully it’ll help them to resolve the issue…

The only real recommendation we can give you here is that you use a supported install.

These kinds of problem are precisely why issues with third-party packages are tagged #unsupported-install. Things break all the time :slightly_frowning_face: