Migration failed on update calendar plugin to last commit


I use Discourse 2.8.8 on Cloudron with Discourse Calendar (commit FIX: Mobile style fix (#175) · discourse/discourse-calendar@1b9ef81 · GitHub). When I want to update the plugin to the last commit (FIX: Add translation entry for Indonesia (#319) · discourse/discourse-calendar@d3bcef6 · GitHub). But when the application starts, I get this error:

==> Migrating database
ArgumentError: Unknown migration version "7.0"; expected one of "4.2", "5.0", "5.1", "5.2", "6.0", "6.1"
/app/code/plugins/discourse-calendar/db/migrate/20220604200919_create_disabled_holidays.rb:3:in `<main>'

The code of the file : discourse-calendar/20220604200919_create_disabled_holidays.rb at main · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub

In the forum, I also found this message:

But I don’t know why, it does not work (and I don’t understand what is the fix…)

Any idea to fix it ?

According to the .discourse-compatibility file you should not be updating / not be able to update to that commit when you’re on 2.8 stable.

Do you have a plugin:pull_compatible_all somewhere? (You should)


Thank tou @RGJ. I did not know this kind of file. In the future, I will check it.

Do you have a plugin:pull_compatible_all somewhere? (You should)

I don’t know what it is. I use a cloudron instance to deploy Discourse. To update plugin, I have to remove it and install it as the documentation explains:

But I have just seen that I have a file site_settings.yml to add additional customizations. I should set up something here with plugin:pull_compatible_all ?

You might want to point the Cloudron people to this topic since they did not seem to get much further than telling you it’s a typo on your end, or “are you even in the right directory?” :laughing:

They need to update their documentation.

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I have never asked to the cloudron community and I will open a discussion in the cloudron forum.

Why they need to update the documentation?

The problem here is that you’re using an unsupported install. We can only really support the standard install here. Third party packages break all the time due to changes occurring within Discourse itself - this is why they’re not recommended.

The version of the calendar plugin you’re trying to install isn’t compatible with the version of Discourse in the Cloudron package. Cloudron has repackaged Discourse and as a result aren’t using the supported means to install plugins. Unless you want to switch over to a supportable install they’re going to need to guide you in fixing this and update their documentation.

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My apologies. Someone else asked the exact same question / had the exact same problem two days ago:



Ok. I’m going to join the discussion in the cloudron forum.
Thanks for your replies because I understand better Discourse to help the cloudron community and analyse futures issues.