Column misalignment

Well I thought it was related to the avatars breaking but it appears not to be. Here is what I’m seeing currently (have avatars back but same misalignment.
It happened with same upgrade and I haven’t seen other report this issue (yet). It’s minor and doesn’t impact usabillity but it’s gonna stare at me until its fixed


Yup, it’s here on meta too




This may be a browser rendering quirk? It’s an odd one.

I could only reproduce it in Chrome and the border itself is on top of a table row (which I don’t think can technically be shorter/taller across its width at various points, it’s all or nothing)… the issue persists if I removed various columns one at a time… and it also fixes itself if you load more topics, adjust the width of your browser window (below 1110px), or change something associated (like the border width) in the inspector…

So I moved the border from the first row to the top of the table itself, which avoids the problem and looks identical.