Coming soon to Meta 🌑 DARKNESS 🌑


The way we get around this is to share the link to the available additional theme and encourage any users that want to use it to save that link as their bookmark so the alternative theme loads whenever they visit the page. Also they need to add “&sticky=true” to the end of the link.

(mountain) #102

When I click on ‘profile’ in the hamburger menu and allow my profile to load, it shows a lighter grey that disappears once everything is loaded into the viewport.

Should be darker, methinks. Stands out too much.

I don’t consider this a detail as a personal taste.

(Uwe Keim) #103

Black category (“dev”) doesn’t look too good on black background.

Maybe some thin border?


I can’t get enough of the darkness! I love the freakin’ darkness like I love chop suey!

Edit: In 5 months can you do “Ice”? Discourse could become like Google’s Doodles except with themes.


It makes sense for people who use a computer in a dark room. Staring at a bright white screen in a dark room gets very painful, very fast.

On the other hand, a dark theme in a bright room can look equally ridiculous.

I’d also love a user toggle for the theme.

(Stephanie Daugherty) #108

@KevinWorkman there’s a discussion here about user selectable themes.

(Markus) #110

holy shitballs, this is amazing.

(Jeff Atwood) #111

Oh god when will the pain ennnnnnd… I decree darkness is over 5pm pacific time Friday 8/21. So we’ll fix what we can until then.

(Holden) #112


I think it looks great – very cool! I don’t think I’d use it though. Whiteness all the way.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #115

Hm, yeah… at this point I think I actually like the dark theme. Very interesting. Don’t know that I’d deploy it anywhere, but it gives me ideas on how I might style other discourse.

(Admir Hodzic) #121


(Tom Newsom) #122

(Jeff Atwood) #124

OK, we fixed a ton of dark bg CSS issues. Back to defaults for now.

(any replies to this topic that were 100% addressed with our fixes were deleted, so we’d have a record of just remaining issues, not fixed things.)

For posterity the darkness settings we used were

Discourse 1.4 Released!

I rather like the Darkness theme too. Is there a way I can choose it as preference to use when I view Meta? Seems like it would be nice to provide alternate color schemes to users and allow them to pick one they prefer.

(Jeff Atwood) #126

You can install a browser plugin that lets you override browser colors with custom style sheets at will.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #127

And one reason this wouldn’t work as well as hoped is if I as a site admin post CSS modifications for the theme that I’m using.

If I knew that my users could pick any theme, that would be umpteen more levels of testing for my CSS modifications


YouTube lets you “turn the lights off” and countless sites allow you to change your background, if not more.

Thanks for your suggestion for custom meta theming. But my stronger interest is for user selectable theme for my (future) site.

Presumably DC will ship with the Darkness theme available for the admin to select. Why not allow the admin to make darkness (or other approved schemes) available for their users to select as a preference? Is it because @codinghorror abhors it? :rageguy:

I doubt even 1% of my users know how to override the colors, and only a few more would take the trouble to do so if they knew how. But a much larger percentage (25?) would select an optional theme if provided as a preference.

I hope that my site will be my one of my users’ online homes. Being able to personalize it a bit makes it much more “homey” and encourages them to take up residence (and be on ongoing contributor).

Dark theme for admin?
(Jeff Atwood) #129

In (nearly) 20 years of using the Internet I have never selected a user theme for a website I use. I just don’t see a lot of value in it versus other things we could spend time on that would benefit a lot more users not just the ultra rare few that will select a user theme…

(Sam Saffron) #130

That said, I really want us to get “preview” working on “color scheme”, at the moment there is no way of experimenting with colors short of interrupting the entire site with the experiment. This should work same as customizations do.

(Daniel M ) #131

I made a quick mockup of what a theme selector could look like.

Expanded (note that it only shows part of the menu, as I only had time to make one part; ignore the font glitches):

Another option would to have boxes next to the name with the colors (like in the category color selection dialog).

Per-user theme selection
Letting users select different themes