Community size help


I’m not sure about which size to choose on digital ocean.
What constitutes a community size? Number of daily active users?
If I predict we would have about 20k registered users, what size would I need?


(Charles Wilmott) #2

Start off with the small 1gb

because on digital ocean you can go up to 2GB easily!
but digital ocean will not allow you to reduce your server size from 2GB to 1GB

I hope that’s helpful :blush:


It’s helpful
Thanks Charles :smile:

(Charles Wilmott) #4

I’m glad that was helpul :blush:

(Kane York) #5

Note also that, at any time, you can take a backup, set up a new Discourse instance, and restore the backup there, and then you’ll just be down for the duration of a DNS rollover.

(Khoa Nguyen) #6

@riking acctually, DigitalOcean is smart enough to assign the same IP of the previous droplet for the new one.


Excuse my ignorance but the back up you’re talking about is it made from the digital ocean interface?

(Kane York) #8

Nope, from Discourse. Go to /admin/backups.