Composer acts weird on iPad

On my iPad Air (running iOS 12), the composer acts weird. It sticks to the top and moving the large white space seems to change things a bit but doesn’t make it much better. In landscape mode, the text area is hardly one line tall.

and with some pinching it gets worse

Any particular reason you are trapped on iOS 12? It is only partially supported security wise by Apple.

I think @pmusaraj removed some of the old iOS hacks we had in place that mitigate here recently.


Because it’s a slightly older iPad (and I’m not using my iPad as much as I did since I’m doing all the things I did on my iPad on my iPhone now so I’m not buying a new one. I actually only still use it to watch movies on an airplane and to validate any bug reports coming in from clients, like this one). This was a bug report made by one of our customers so I am not sure if it breaks on newer iPads as well. I guess I need a new iPad after all :thinking:

The issues occur on stable as well so if those are recent changes I am not sure if they apply.

Maybe someone with a newer iPad can check if this is indeed caused by the older iOS?
You can get points for that :wink:

I am on iOS 15.1 (iPad Air 4)


I’m using iPad 6th gen with 15.something iPadOS everyday (and now) and the composer is jumping here and there every nowandthen, but it is quite rare issue still. And IMO comes from iPad, not Discourse. BUT when it happends, it happends when using app, not a browser.