Issues with the composer window on iPhone

A few of our users are complaining of issues when trying to post using iPhones (5S and 6)
When clicking in the window it jumps away.

The whole text box starts hopping away from your touch to the bottom of the screen and from the bottom back up to the top. It can take about 3 goes before it settled down.


It’s a bit hard to reproduce reliably, but it’s definitely not stable

Here is a screenshot:

I have been able to repro it a couple of times on my 6+


@sam is going to make the editor full screen on mobile soon.

In the meantime, tell people to touch and hold the touch to get the cursor in the right place.

Long story, but iOS 8 appears to be permanently buggy in this regard.


I did make some improvements, but Safari is mega hacky. Going to have no choice but to go full page, just don’t want to rush it.


I am closing this, mobile composer works reasonably well now on iPhone, latest version should be deployed at yours in the next 20 mins