Composer changes

We’re trying out some changes to the composer positioning so that the sidebar can remain full height where possible.

On normal width desktop the composer will overlap the sidebar halfway, so items remain visible and clickable.

On full-width themes the composer will take full-width on smaller screens and push the sidebar up (default behaviour as before), and position next to the sidebar on larger screens:


Fully agree, I tried something by my own editing a forked theme but it will be great to see those improvements on core :ok_hand:


I very much hope that this design, if it will be pushed to every discourse platform - will be switchable. It’s the norm for me to write very long articles with pictures on forums (while having to not open full screen because I need to quote other posts). Reducing the width makes it hard for me to scroll up and down

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Thanks for the feedback.

I wonder: have you tried our full-width theme by any chance? I personally like the feel of that much better, and it gives you, as implied, also more space for everything, including the composer.


Personally, I don’t like the full width theme, and also like having the wider composer, so I’m in a bit of tight spot option-wise. :frowning:


Yes but

Full width theme…what’s on the right side of it? looks completely blank.

same. ntm forcing this change on anyone who doesn’t use the full width theme instead of giving people the option feels like it goes against why I love Discourse.