Composer re-opens message as draft in a new window after sending message

After sending a PM, the composer re-opens with the same message (that has already been sent).

Is anyone else seeing this - a few of our users have reported it…

Can you try and replicate the issue on ?

I tried it on my demo site, but I can not replicate it.

Are there any errors on the chrome console that can help explain the issue ?

What version of Discourse are you on?

Do you have any non official plugins installed?

If you’re using a custom plugin or theme, it might be worth a shot to try safe-mode if the problem goes away, it is probably something to do with a plugin or theme conflicting with the functioning of discourse. what version of discourse are you running?

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Thank you very much @IAmGav and @itsbhanusharma - I have diagnosed it now.

It was due to the Discourse Chat plugin, which I have now disabled.

(I am running latest version of Discourse)


We have Discourse Chat on meta, can you reproduce the issue here as well?

Hi @sam - sorry that was a false alarm.

The problem has come back and it doesn’t seem to be to do with the Chat plugin, I’ll need to spend some more time working out what’s causing it.

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