Composing a Message starts with subject?

Does it seem strange to anyone that that when you compose a new Message to a user (or group), that the first text field highlighted is the subject rather than the recipient? (Recipient is the top field.)

This has confused a couple of our users now in field tests.


I see this is an issue since normally you have a target specified, e.g. when I do this:

  • click on your avatar
  • click “message”
  • the name “downey” is already populated in the to: field, so why would I want my cursor there?

So it’s specific to “no target” invocation of the message dialog. @neil can you add this to your list?

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Good point. We have been doing more messaging of groups lately, so the UX is a bit different.

Ok it’s on my list. The input fields are the ones demanding that they get focus, so I’ll need to move that code somewhere else.