Configure automatic backups for Discourse

(Dean Taylor) #59

The default location for backups is:


(Prateek) #60

Thanks @DeanMarkTaylor

(Spooky) #61

Is the backup backups and restore: db, site files and media?

(Régis Hanol) #62

What do you call “site files”?

A backup backups all the data in the database and all the uploaded images/attachments.

(Spooky) #63

Site files are the core files of Discourse, the one that exists on the server when you install Discourse.

(Régis Hanol) #64

Those are stored on GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple. :wink:


Why not use something as bittorrent sync or other solution to transfer the backup from vps to your own system . Is there a detailed explanation as to things are exactly included in the backup .

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #66

Because this is easier :wink: Users are welcome to create their own plugins for this, but Amazon S3 is very widespread and seems to cover the majority of our users’ needs.

It’s pretty much all your data. If you wanna ask about some edge cases that might not be covered in a backup, you should ask about them in #support since this topic isn’t really about backups as a whole, it’s about our automatic backups feature.

(Silnei L Andrade) #67

Hi Guys,

This works good with a forum with 300GB of data?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #68

@Silnei, the “quantity” of data is not a useful measurement. @mpalmer recently had a detailed post about useful metrics for Discourse. I’d encourage you to give it a read:

(Jeff Byrnes) #69

Any idea if using IAM profiles for credentials was ever implemented?

(Freddie Haddad) #70

Is it important to enable the option “enable read-only mode during backup”? Is there any consequence to not doing that (outside of possibly missing a few items) during the backup?

(Jeff Atwood) #71

No, it should be safe, we had it there for cautious testing and there have been no issues. Maybe we are safe to remove this setting entirely @tgxworld?

(Jane Jojo) #72

In the lifecycle section, I’ve set the expiration for current version at 15 days and previous version to transition to glacier after 1 day. After that what does 91 days expiration stand for?

(Marcus) #73

I just installed Discourse (very cool and exciting) and my first line of business is to ensure backups. But I cannot find where to set up S3, or to set the number of backups to retain. There are no settings available, only upload and download.

This is the current version of Discourse. Attached is a screenshot.

(Blake Erickson) #74

Hi Marcus!

You first need to go to the “Settings” tab, and then on the left side there is a “Backups” section. You currently are on the “Backups” tab where you can just view your current backups (if you aren’t using s3), but can’t change any settings there.


You additionally need to access the Files section to set the S3 Access Key ID, Secret, Region & Upload Bucket.

(Marcus) #76

Thanks @oblakeerickson. I totally missed that tiny hamburger menu under the settings. It’s a whole new world of settings within the settings.

(Marcus) #77

Thanks, I didn’t know where to find those fields. Expected them under Backups.


Files is the section 8 places above Backups