Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin

I enabled the plugin and configed the polling frequency to 10 minutes, I also configed the feed URL and other settings, however after 10 min there is nothing catched into my Discourse forum. I just don’t understand what’s happened right now. Does it have something like debug mode to let me check the problem?

The plugin doesn’t have a debug-mode. It is possible there will be some useful error messages in your site’s error logs though. Have a look at your Admin / Logs / Error Logs page to see if there are any error messages that could be related to the plugin.

I deleted your post because the screenshots of the logs were exposing an email address that you may wish to keep private.

The Job exception: unknown keyword: :tags error is likely related to the issue. What version of Discourse is your site on?

Is that something not compatible with latest version?

There shouldn’t be issues with the RSS plugin on the latest version of Discourse. If you can find the log entry with the Job exception: unknown keyword: :tags error again, it would be great if you could send it to me in a personal message.

Use the logs page search box to find the log entry:

Then click the “Share” button for the entry that is returned:

Copy and paste the full page that is returned after clicking the Share button into a personal message. I might be able to see what is going wrong.

Hi guys, I found the problem. It’s because I’m using the “beta” branch version of discourse and the plugin only support the latest version.

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I’m on 2.8.0beta6 and the plugin works for me… or at least I think it does!

The latest version for beta is " 2.8.0.beta6(5e82006fb3)"

Mine is 2.8.0.beta6 (e5c257e5b5) which seems to be more recent. I don’t know whether that’s relevant.

I’m using Discourse 2.7.10. When building the Discourse Docker image it git clone’s discourse-rss-polling and later checks out an earlier commit: checking out compatible discourse-rss-polling version: 1e85fa1e5f20cbee1d51990b2eb00106f367a57b

With that commit I do not get any new items from the RSS feed I configured. I’m still using the older configuration in the Embedding page because there is no “Discourse Category” field at Plugins > RSS Polling.

Am I just running a Discourse version that’s too old for discourse-rss-polling?

Thats because you are

All our work target our default release channel. When you opt into a slower release channel, new features will take around 6 months to land.


Hi guys. Which setting needs to be checked for the photos to pull?

Images should get pulled in as long as the images exist in the RSS feed. There is a known issue with images pulled in from RSS feeds often being broken though. Are the images completely missing in your topics, or are you seeing broken markdown links where there should be images?

At first i had no images. Then I made clicked some settings and only got broken images. Wasnt sure what I was doing as havent messed with rss before.

Do you have the embed truncate setting enabled on your Discourse site? If that setting is not enabled, Discourse will pull in the full post instead of just pulling in an excerpt of the post. If that is the way your site is configured, you might be running into the issue that’s described here: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins.

Yeah now its enabled. When it was broken probably wasnt then.

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I installed this on my neighborhood forum to pull in local news alerts, and am impressed by the recent improvements! :heart_eyes_cat: Nice work!

One issue I am running into is that all the topics created are unlisted. Is there a setting I need to change to make them listed by default as they are pulled in?

I also was curious to know if there is a way to enable verbose logging for troubleshooting purposes, and a way to trigger the poll to occur immediately while testing. Right now it appears you have to wait 10 minutes (the minimum time allowed) and you have to rely on seeing the posts appearing to know if it worked.

And finally, a feature request. It would be helpful if a topic id could be specified for a feed, so new posts are added as replies to a a single topic. This way, short posts (e.g. emergency or outage alerts) could be kept together and not get lost in a sea of feeds posting to a category, even with a tag.


Yes, you need to disable the embed unlisted site setting. I’ll add that detail to the OP. That setting is enabled by default, but it doesn’t make sense with the RSS plugin. It’s intended to be used for when Discourse comments are embedded on an external site.

The plugin doesn’t supply any verbose logging. There isn’t a way to have the plugin pull in topics more frequently than once every 10 minutes without overwriting the plugin’s code - that rate limit is hard coded into the plugin.

Falco would probably be the best team member to ask about this.


So… @Falco any thoughts?

Some other issues that came up for me:

  • unless I am misunderstanding something, adding tags for feeds that do not exist already is onerous. You have to create a topic somewhere and use that to create new tags.

  • at /admin/plugins/rss_polling a helpful link to RSS Polling configuration documentation is provided. However, when you click on Rss Polling from /admin/plugins plugins list, you are taken to github. This is not terrible for self-hosters who know and care about github, but for hosting customers they will prefer to go straight to the meta topic. I will fix this.

  • I think this is a plugin issue writ large - the Settings button next to each plugin on the list at /admin/plugins takes you to just where you want to go, the admin settings filtered by the plugin. But if you are on e.g. /admin/plugins/rss_polling and click on Change Settings in the top right corner you are taken to the same list of plugin settings as though you were at /admin/plugins.

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This is a mid-sized request, as it would require changes to many different places, in both backend and frontend.

Both of those aren’t specific to this plugin and should be addressed elsewhere.