Unable to add RSS feed with discourse-rss-polling plugin

I have installed the discourse-rss-polling plugin. When I go to admin/plugins to enable it, discourse reports “Unable to configure link to ‘RSS Polling’. Ensure ad-blockers are disabled and try reloading the page.” I am using Chrome with no ad-blockers. The toggle appears to work however and I am able to access the plugin settings and configure polling frequency. However, there does not appear to be an option to add an RSS feed. Am I looking in the wrong place? I have tried the above in safe-mode with the same result. Both discourse and plugin are up-to-date.

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Go to Plugins, and you should see an RSS Polling tab there.


omg, I am an idiot. Could not see the tree for the forest. Thank you!


the tab seems to not show up immediatelly (and also the doc says “sidebar” when in most (all?) layouts its not on the side. So don’t feel too bad for not finding it, took me a while as well.

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