Configuring chrome omnibox search


Is that something that could be built in to Discourse, or that we could handle on our own?

Good idea/bad idea @jsorc?


Not at the moment as we do not have full page search.

I am not particularly a fan of that functionality as I usually want the Google search if I am typing there; being forced into someone else’s search (like WordPress) is almost always worse.


Just saw this yesterday too. Chrome still remembers my pre-Discourse site having this and it still lets me perform this on the Discourse instance.

Is what it generated. I don’t think that it is particularly useful as few sites have it; but if sites don’t include it… the Cycle goes on.

I really love it myself. It’s part of my flow at many of the sites that I use for reference in my day to day. I’m probably going to use search once I get there anyways, and this saves me having to find the search function. That might be more a mod/admin use case though.

Not at the moment as we do not have full page search.

Since you mentioned it, I do like the idea of a full page search as well. :full_moon_with_face:

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I’m in full agreement here. I’m always terribly annoyed when I’m hit by this “feature”. It conflicts with another one of Chrome’s features that I use a lot, which is if I’ve visited I could just type cats in the omnibox and it’ll usually suggest the URL I was looking for.


Its on my roadmap, I really want it as well, being able to link to search results is very important. EG:

Have you tried searching for “widgets” /search?term=widgets

I am also with @erlend_sh and @codinghorror here, that particular feature tends to trip me big time, I feel like a site has taken over my GUI without me giving it permission. I use search to move around the Internet not just a particular site.

This may be a user preference we can add later on.


It was pointed out to me today that chrome allows you to configure a custom search at chrome://settings/searchEngines

So Sam’s plan to implement linkable search terms pretty much satisfies me.

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I love this feature for sites like YouTube & Amazon where the quality of search results is good. Use it all. the. time.

When the search quality stinks, I hate the feature.

Use that data for what you will. :smile:

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We now have a full page search under “/search” but I am worried about enforcing this default on everyone, maybe a user pref default off.

Nice. I like it!

IMO, most forum users don’t bother to tweak their settings much. What about something that allows the user to move their search to the full page with a couple taps of the keyboard?

Another “nice to have” would be customizing the search page to display the categories or latest topics when there are not search results. It looks kind of sad and empty now.

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