Configuring Twitter login (and rich embeds) for Discourse

(Charles Walter) #44

I setup my callback URL like this on Twitter, but still getting the same error.

Does this look like the right format? What do you guys use?

I’m going to try it again tomorrow in case there’s some caching issue with Twitter

Anyone else have success with Twitter login?


(Neil Lalonde) #45

@charleswalter That callback url is wrong. It should be:


(Charles Walter) #46

that did the trick. Thx for calling that out.

I do recommend that those who haven’t applied on for their Twitter app, to do so.

For the near future, you can continue to manage existing apps here on However, we will soon retire this site and consolidate all developer tools, API access, and app management within the developer portal at You will be able to access and manage existing apps through that portal when we retire this site.


(Vanessasaurus) #47

hey everyone! For our board at we are looking to have tweets from our account automatically post. Is there a Twitter integration for this purpose?


(Sam Saffron) #48

Not as far as I am aware of, but it should be a fairly straightforward plugin to write if you know of anyone feeling adventurous.