Twitter oneboxes are no longer working on my install

I’m finding that twitter oneboxes are no longer working on my install. I’m running 2.9.0.beta9

I like to move slowly when it comes to updates. Will updating solve the problem I’m seeing where twitter links no longer create oneboxes?

Just posting a random twitter post to see what happens in this forum.

I’ve had twitter as a login mechanism… but I’m assuming that since Musk screwed twitter that that probably doesn’t work any more either.


Hey Bcguy :wave:

If you are talking about rich embeds, they currently don’t work with Twitter integration in Discourse:

As an alternative, this may be relevant to you:

If you are talking about standard oneboxes, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work natively unless you have changed onebox settings in your install, or your IP is blocked by Twitter for some reason.


Hmmm. I’m talking about standard one boxes.

I had this checked, and just unchecked it - but no changes in one boxing with twitter.

See here , below is what happens right now with twitter posts. I used to get the standard inbox, but perhaps I messed a config setting up? What might I have messed up?


It used to look like twitter links in this forum, as below, but sometime in the past two months it stopped creating the onebox:


You could give this a try?: "Onebox Assistant", crawl for those previews reliably!


I would fix this first by updating to latest if I were you, and if that doesn’t help try this theme component.


Yes, good catch. Always good practice to update to latest before raising an issue that might already be solved.