Content divider + center text syntax + font color

Hi All,

A few questions if I may:

  1. Is there a way to create a content divider on a post, eg: even just a line that divides a post into two sections?

  2. If not, then is there an easy way to center text on a post? I suppose I could just type ------ and make that center on the post.

  3. Also, is there a way to change font color in a post?


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You can use 3 * (no spaces) by themselves on a line below the text or image you want to divide.

It creates a dividing line like that above. :slightly_smiling_face:


Plugins and theme components solve points 2 and 3, such as


@Benjamin_D @JimPas thank you both, much appreciated.


Out of curiosity, I don’t suppose there is a way to accomplish #2 and #3 without a plugin, correct?

Am trying not to overload the forum with too many plugins.

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The div align is whitelisted, you use this without plugin or theme component.

<div align="center">

Your text


I don’t think the same goes for the color. But you could use the wrap bbcode. You can explore this thread to gather some useful infos