Content Moderation

This page describes how CDCK moderates content on


Members of the admins group use the moderation tools of Discourse to moderate content on Meta. They act both in response to flags and messages from forum users, as well as on their own initiative.

Restrictions, Suspensions, and Bans

Moderators can and will restrict, suspend, and ban accounts in all the following circumstances:

  • repeatedly posting illegal content
  • posting any egregiously illegal content
  • repeated or egregiously violating the terms of service
  • to reclaim user names or other unique identifiers
  • under our copyright policy
  • when we need to in order to comply with a legal requirement


Users can appeal decisions under Article 20 of the Digital Services Act by e-mailing CDCK’s point of contact for service recipients within six months of the decision. Be sure to include enough information to identify the affected content, the decision you are appealing, and the reasons you are appealing.

CDCK will assign your appeal to a member of CDCK’s content moderation team. If a member of CDCK’s content moderation team took the decision you appeal, a different member of that team will be assigned. If no member of the content moderation team is available, a member of CDCK’s legal team will be assigned.

The one assigned will review your appeal in accordance with the Digital Services Act, consulting with CDCK’s legal team as needed. They will respond to you via e-mail.

False Reports and Appeals

Moderators can and will stop responding to flags and other content reports, as well as requests for appeals, from those who repeatedly or egregiously abuse those mechanisms.

For example, moderators can and will ignore further flags from any user who systematically flags all of another user’s posts as a form of harassment, or who flags posts simply because they disagree with them.