Controlling text size in posts

This is a very basic question, but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. The post instructions that I did find on here don’t work.

I want to have a specific post have big text, I tried BBCode / markdown [size=40][/size] etc but it doesn’t work. I tried<div> <font size> etc, nothing works!

How can I control the font size for particular strings of text in a post?

One option is to use <big> and <small> tags


<big>this text is large</big>
this text is large

<small>This text is small</small>
This text is small


That did the trick! Thank you much! How about making quotes, without using the quote button? Is there a tag for that?

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This would work:

<blockquote>This is a quote</blockquote>

This is a quote

What are you trying to do?

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Additionally, If you start a new line with a > it will create a blockquote — Discourse supports bbcode, (some) HTML, and Markdown… but generally Markdown is the simplest way to format content.

You can find a quick reference and a tutorial here:


Yes, I actually found it just before you posted that. Thank you though!

Now, what about the quote markdown, what would that be in html? for example [quote=“user1, post:66, topic:52”] <blockquote="user1,etc>?

Basically, if [quote=“user1, post:66, topic:52”] is the input then what is the output in raw code/html? I’m trying to detect when someone quotes, but I’m not picking up anything beginning with [quote= when posted.

A quote from a specific user / post gets converted into an <aside> element with the class quote Inside that there are different elements like a div that holds the meta information like user avatar and name and a <blockquote> that holds the actual quote

Something like this:

And that’s what it looks like in html:

<aside class="quote" data-post="2" data-topic="82448">
	<div class="title" style="cursor: pointer;">
		<div class="quote-controls"><i class="fa fa-chevron-down d-icon d-icon-chevron-down" title="expand/collapse"></i><a href="/t/controlling-text-size-in-posts/82448/2" title="go to the quoted post" class="back"><i class="fa fa-arrow-up d-icon d-icon-arrow-up"></i></a></div>
		<img alt="" width="20" height="20" src="" class="avatar"> lll:</div>
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Thanks, that is the html, but my bot doesn’t recognize any part of that or the [quote]. Anyhow, this might be more on the bot side of things than just the html or markdown itself. Thank you anyhow!

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What about any text size? I’ve seen someone do smaller than small in a website using this domain.

Have a look at this BBCode plugin

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