Convert local account to Google?

Trying to get a new site set up properly. Since the app we are supporting with Discourse only supports Google Account Authentication (for now), I would like to disable the local accounts so that Google is the only option.

I’ve followed the instructions and it is working, but now my question is how do I “convert” (or create) my existing local account to a Google Account? I don’t see any way to Sign Out of Discourse to get the login prompt again.

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in Your profile, there must be an option to link your Google account with discourse account. Once that’s done, I think it’s safe to disable local logins and continue using Google to sign in.

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The sign out option is in the top right menu. Click on your avatar and then then your name. “Log Out” is at the bottom.

Providing the email addresses are the same you don’t need to link anything from your profile before using Google to log in.


Thank you! I totally missed that. haha

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Great; thank you. I knew that I didn’t want to disable local until I could convert my original to Google auth.