Cool idea for categories

I propose to do the same

mini prototype

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Sorry if I’m missing something obvious here, but what exactly is the cool idea in your screenshot?


here is the complete example
I believe that it is more beautiful than it is now

So are you implying the descriptions in the “all categories” drop down would improve it? As that is all that seems to be lacking right?

Yes it is, and the line is also needed
and the maximum size of not more than half of the screen
It is possible to combine the logo

Well part of it is easily customizable using just CSS…

I’m trying to do better discourse
I do not need to configure
I have all the standard

You have to take into account that StackExchange has very long list of categories… In our case, the less the better…

And those who have large number of subcategories, they just can customize using CSS.

Just my two cents…

I do not understand what you mean, I propose simply to make beautiful
no need to add subcategories

Actually it is a list of communities right? And I don’t see most people switching between communities frequently, whereas they are much more likely to switch regularly between categories. And once you know what the categories are for a community, you probably want something that is very efficient/compact.

Totally agree. And if you’re trying to add subcategories, you’ll probably regret it. We tried and ended up going back to a flat category structure after we tried subcategories.

Not sure why you’re showing removing the search icon on the right hand side of the page. I use search all the time and I don’t think you want to make that hard for users to find. Maybe you’re confusing the search for a post/topic full-text search (which is what that search launches) with a category only search option.

Maybe what you’re looking for is more like what appears if you create a new topic from a Discourse homepage:

It may be possible to add that detail to the upper left hand category drop-down through CSS, but I’m not sure.

I would suggest that because there is a difference between the two areas the Discourse team probably considered the fuller menu for the category drop-down in the upper left hand corner and had a good reason for sticking with the more efficient name only menu. I know for me, if I had to scroll the category list, I would probably never explore the categories below the scroll point. I would be just too much data for me to absorb through a drop-down menu.


I don’t think so. Doing an inspect element shows that the info is in the tooltip text, but not in a hidden element or anything.

I suppose the Discourse devs could add that element, but I don’t really see how this is a huge improvement. Keep it simple.