Copy categories / topics

Is there a way to copy topics or categories with their respective settings? Thanks!

On command line level, there is a script to export a set of topics or a whole category, and another script to import data exported that way.

Importing is usually meant to happen on another Discourse site, but I think it will also work with the same site as the export, so effectively copying the topics / categories as desires. You’d have to test that yourself, though …


What do you mean by “with respective settings”? Which settings?

Can you say more about what problem you are trying to solve?


I need to create a lot of topics that have the same metadata - location/event plugin used - and I want to save time by copying one. And I need to create a lot of categories as well that have very similar settings and that I just want to copy/paste.

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The way that I’d approach that is to use the API.