Could we re-open the topic to share Explorer queries?

Tangential, but it would be great if this thread was reopened for sharing queries:


I’ve been mulling over something like this for a bit, but I think one of the criticisms of that format is everything gets lost in the mix. :thinking: Separately but connected, I’m also thinking that grouping all data explorer queries in with the data-explorer tag also muddles plugin issues/features in with SQL queries, which doesn’t seem like the cleanest way to do it.

I’m wondering if there’s a different approach we could take to group and arrange SQL queries so it’s not one big grab bag to get lost in. Data and reporting seems like it’s increasing in importance/popularity so maybe a dedicated category for that area may be worth exploring?


The category has arrived. :partying_face: :slight_smile:

There’s still a bit of organisational work to be done, but that’s the best place to spin up a topic or two and share any queries you’ve come up with. :+1:

We’ve also got a few extra tags to help sort things out too - sql-query sql-triggered-badge analytics dashboard-report