Counting and reporting post views for commercial forum users (so we can charge them per-view)

On we currently have a category called “Commercial” for advertising posts. It is muted by default to suppress it from user homepages. Business users of the forum can optionally pay to “promote” an advert post from this category into the main forum.

I’m having mixed success with this, and it’s difficult to police. In some cases, it’s quite nice to have business users freely posting into the main forum, but I would like to charge them for doing so.

I’d like to try generating a monthly report visible on the forum that counts up total post views for each business user and then charges them per view. That way, they’d be encouraged to self-regulate and avoid over-posting, and we’d also be able to charge them fairly for their exposure.

I’d also like to take into account the “like” count. I would charge businesses less if their content gets liked a lot (may need to factor in the trust level of likers to ensure this isn’t gamed)

What would be the best way of implementing this report, please?

You (or rather, your designated SQL expert) could quite easily use Data Explorer to generate these reports, but you’d have to do the formatting and billing manually.