Is there a way to know number of views on replies

Right now discourse gives an activity bar where we can see the number of replies, views, users, likes, and links of the topic.

I wanna know if there’s a way to find out the number of views on replies.
Any hack or way from the API

For example:
This is the reply on a post
Here I can see the number of likes(23) but no views.

I really doubt this is possible. That would be such a waste of resources.

Hi @jayrajm97,

have you looked at the Post Views Counter theme-component yet?

Installing the theme-component for your theme will show the number of unique views of any post separately. I think this should solve your question.

It even shows the number of views on private message posts and thus can be used as a “seen / read” messaging functionality.

Here is how it looks on our forum:


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