Counts have gone missing from Activity pages

I didn’t realize how often I look at them until they disappeared. eg.

At SitePoint

Here, today

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By design

All this counting has been getting prohibitively expensive. In about half the cases it added zero value.

How many times was I mentioned? “I do not care times”.

We plan to add a “top” page that will display your top content, we will include the interesting stats there (likes given, received, total posts, total topics)

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In my case it isn’t “I” but “they”
In particular, seeing the counts on other members’ Activity pages is most helpful for seeing at a glance how active they are, how helpful they are, and their Topic creation to Reply ratio i.e. their Activity.

But if it’s hammering resource use I guess I could get used to needing a few more HTTP request clicks.

Where can that information be found?

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Totally get that, which is why the top page is so important, I am going to make sure it is done in the next couple of weeks


Just want to add a second voice to the need for an option to view stats, particularly as a site moderator. Something like the current email system in the admin panel (click to show email) could be a way to accomplish this. Have a button that upon click will display the counts on the buttons.


Do you have any mockup for this?

+1 to get the counts back in the activity page!! Upgrading to beta6 broke my site because we use those counts to gauge member engagement :frowning:

Will this top page be accessible via API?

Well … back … sort of:



Looks very good to me.

The only thing I can think of that might be useful is “mentions” as a type of “in demand” indicator, but TBH I’ve never used it for that before. Usually topic creation, post creation, and Like counts, which are there.

And “days visited” and “read count” are there which more than make up for no mentioned count as far as I’m concerned.

Great job !

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