Craziest Discourse Modifications

Hello :wave:

For todays productivity, I little bit remake the create topic section on my site. This modification is really nicely suits to my site’s :thinking: twitter-ish x-ish whatever look…

Three color schemes: Light, Dark, Pure Black

The site contains too much modification to introduce all but I shared some of these in theme-component category.

It contains modified templates, custom topic list section, custom mobile view, custom tap highlight etc…almost forget the Cookie Monster :cookie: banner. :slight_smile:

Mobile view: I made a footer nav bar from header, I split it… The logo section is still on top and the header panel buttons put to bottom. On scroll both section hidden. So it makes a larger seeable area. This is how it works on everywhere except topics. On topic pages the header is fixed with the topic title. It works like on desktop. So when you scroll up the title still there. On chat pages the top header is hidden and use only the chat header. etc… Check the videos :slightly_smiling_face:

This video is showing how the topic list sections and header/footer bar works. On my site the footer bar contains by position: 1. home (house icon), 2. hamburger, 3. user, 4. chat, 5. search.

This video show the topic page and the fixed header title I mentioned above.

The next two videos are about the todays create topic section modification I mentioned above. It merges the Convert the New Topic button to a have a sub menu - #7 by awesomerobot component and the create topic button. The trick is it starts with the select kit header button and when the select kit expanded it changes to the create topic button. When it collapsed it changes back to the select kit header button. :slight_smile: