[paid] wordpress integration and more

Hi, I’m interested in a budget for a Discourse installation and customization for my site. My site now is running Wordpress, and I wish:

1.- Install Discourse in foros.website.com on spanish languaje
2.- Modify my wordpress template to show the most active post on the last week
3.- Install something like GitHub - discourse/wp-discourse: WordPress plugin that lets you use Discourse as the community engine for a WordPress blog to connect each wordpress post with discourse post.
4.- They are not logged users in my wordpress, (only authors), We wish any modification of my template header that allow register new users directly, for example, one and only header bar for forums and wordpress.
6.- Allow the possibility to add a meta tag on each of each forum post automatically. This is, for example, if any user share ilegal content on facebook, we want avoid that our domain were banned. This meta tag contain something similiar like
When a user share the url on Facebook, facebook will read the redirect URL. If something bad happened, Facebook will ban the redirect url.

We give you all css and html with all those features (widgets design, header bar, etc.) We “only” need the install and customization.

I can do most of your stuff! PM me!

Note that new users can’t PM, so you should probably PM him :wink: