Create a brief questionnaire for a new user signing-up in a private forum to help staff with the vetting process?

If the forum is set up to be private, and each new user has to be approved by staff before they have access to the community; is it possible for the sign up process to include a required field to help mods get an understanding of who the users are before granting access?

For example:

The community is for… oh idk… Lord of the Rings fans.

The questionnaire would be something like:

  • Tell us how you found out about this community.
  • How long have you been in to LOTR?
  • Who’s your favorite character?
  • What do you hope to get out of this community?

Possibly? you could create user fields upon signing up


Oh, interesting! I’ll have to explore it to see if it’ll work.


Check this great plugin: Custom Wizard Plugin

I use it as a TOS legal pop up (by clicking accept, you agree to these terms…) and also to ask questions that I’ve hidden from the signup process (CSS to hide, then I ask them in the Wizard with more context). It works really well. The Wizard displays anytime someone signs up and I can then map fields to do anything I want (like send me a PM, update a Profile or do something funky with the API)


Yeah I think the Custom Wizard plugin would be more suited for something like that (only thing to note though is that you wouldn’t be able to install a 3rd-party plugin if hosted on either Standard or Business plan with

FYI, there are other topics on custom questions for new users. There may be some relevant info for you in them so here’s the last one I read: