Create account window squished

I was trying to get a colleague to make a Discourse account, and the screen he was presented with looked like this!

He was using Firefox on Windows; I’m not sure what version. I don’t want to bug him to get more debug info, but I thought I’d tell you all in case you might know what would trigger this.

It’s impossible to debug without any knowledge of which site it is or assistance from the person with the problem.

If the site is private, they can try safe mode to see if it’s a theme problem for example.

OK, thanks! Yeah, I’m not too worried about this because it only showed up once; just wanted to put it on your radar in case it was something obvious. This topic can be closed.

If you can tell us which site it was, we can certainly investigate. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do, yeah.

It was on

Looks just fine to me, so it’s very likely a problem with plugins on their browser or even a significantly outdated version.