Create groups with related categories from one place

From time to time I need to create private categories, limited to certain groups. Right now it’s a lot of hassle: groups and categories are created in different places, and then permissions have to be set separately. I need to be able to create a group in one place and have a private category assigned to this group at once.

There has already been a feature request for that: Automatically create category when creating new group

My question: if I would like to do it myself, what should I look for? Is there a way of adding custom scripts or batch tasks? Or should it all (create a category, create a group, set permissions) be done via API?

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I think the best avenue for you to explore is using our API.

UX plus code change would need to be approved by us to be accepted into core and is a rather advanced task of both creating a great mockup and wiring up the feature.

Plugin to do this is even more complicated code wise.


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