Create permalinks for redirect url all in a mass



I’ve imported my forum Mybb to Discourse. My Discourse is now working on production server. My old url’s can’t redirect to new Discourse urls. I check import script. There is some codes for redirects url, it seems doesn’t work for me. :slight_smile: How can i fix that? How can i redirect old urls to new in a mass?

Why this is doesnt work for me? My Mybb forum url structure is like that: /thread-title.html or/thread-title-id.html

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

So your old urls look like

or do they look like

or do they look like


It is like that:
In the Turkish language thread means “konu”. So it is exactly:

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Does “the-title-of-the-post” match exactly the slug in Discourse?


Yes it is match exactly.

“the-title-of-the-post” in the url exactly match for topic url’s. Anyway, i just want to redirect for topics. Category or other page is doesnt matter.


It is out of budget, but even so, thank you for all answers and support.