Create reply when editing wiki

Editing a wiki post currently happens quite silently. Attentive users will notice the change in edit counts and it is possible to track who made which edit, but wiki editors don’t show up as contributors to a topic (because contributions are defined as replies.)

Under certain circumstances this leads to a situation where a wiki topic is bumped due to an edit (because there are no replies), but in topic listings the only user avatar that is shown is the that of the creator of the topic, so it looks like this author has just edited the topic.

Obviously, this is an edge case but I wanted to mention it as a less evident downside of the current way wikis work. There are also obvious advantages of not making a big fuss about wiki edits, so I’m not saying there is a big problem here, but how about this: in the wiki editor, add a tick box next to where it says “(add edit reason)”:

[x] this is a minor edit (no reply will be created)

If it is ticked (= default?), everything works exactly as it does now. But if it is unchecked, saving the edit will create an automatic reply similar to those we see when topics are split or closed etc:

@username edited the wiki <Link to revision history>

This would not only make (major) contributors to a wiki visible as contributors to a topic, but also make it historically more transparent in the discussion when the OP changed (which means that above that edit-reply, people were referring to a different version of the OP than below).

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Oh, wow, I missed that post (because it was buried in another topic, see below). I guess @sam basically said the same thing more than two years ago:

Not sure how or why this idea got lost, but

so, here it is! :tada: